Our Mission

Provide value for all stakeholders. 

  • Focus on sustainable markets and build solid business relationships in them.

  • Attract, retain, and develop the industry's top performers. This is much more than simply having manpower to do the work.  It means investing in our people with training programs to allow them to be the best at what they do and to build a culture of excellence.

  • Do great work.  This means reliably executing work in scope, on time, on budget within quality and safety standards.  Execution is core to the creation of value for all of our stakeholders.

  • Continuously improve.  An industry leader looks beyond the measure of profitability to define successful performance. Each strategic priority has key performance indicators and only by monitoring and measuring our progress can we adjust to changing conditions.

  • Engage our workforce.  Engaging and training the next generation of leaders will introduce energy for growth and create ongoing succession planning and stability.

Our Vision


Be the solution provider of choice for our clients, the employer of choice for our people, and a respected leader in our industry.

Our Values


Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the success our team. We take pride in each other's achievements and treat each other with trust and respect. We recognize that the success of our business cannot be accomplished by one individual’s efforts and that we are stronger together. 


We care about our clients, our people, our suppliers, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we live and work.  We believe that investing in people ensures everyone's success.


We are fair, honest, and dependable – we do the right thing.  We are accountable at all times to our clients, our people, our suppliers, our stakeholders and our communities.


We listen first to others and seek to understand before being understood. Open communication and respectful exchange of ideas or concerns is fundamental to team effectiveness.  We recognize and value the opinions, contributions, and personal worth of all people.


We recognize that delivering a high standard of service is hard work and requires a deep personal commitment from every member of our team. We acknowledge this commitment personally, professionally and financially to reward individuals for their contributions to the success of the team.


We believe an enjoyable workplace is an essential element in meeting our business goals.  We celebrate each success, which has enabled us to develop and maintain a team that is positive, upbeat, motivated, and committed to support each other.


Responsibility and accountability for the safety of our people, clients, suppliers, stakeholders, and our communities is integral to all we do. Ensuring a high standard of workplace health & safety, minimizing environmental impact, and maximizing contributions to the community is more than a priority, it is a guiding value.