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We will make room for you if you are:

 Two employees are in the bucket of a boom truck using High Voltage Hot Stick on the power line as a supervisor watches. The employees are wearing a hard hats, gloves and protective eyewear.
Journeyperson Electrician
Electrical Engineering Technologist
Electrical Engineer

We are currently hiring: 

Electrical Engineer - Regina, Saskatoon, Churchbridge and Winnipeg
Electrical Engineering Technologist - Regina, Saskatoon, Churchbridge, Winnipeg
Mechanical CAD Designer - Regina, SK
Journeyman Welder - Regina, SK
Apprentice Electrician - Regina, SK
Dynamo employees in road hockey gear in a line shaking the hands of the opposing hockey team.

We are always looking at building the next generation!

Apprenticeship Program

An apprenticeship allows you to earn money while you learn on the job. In addition to on-the-job training, each year you attend 6-10 weeks of technical training. Once you have completed all your schooling and reached the required hours, you are eligible to write your Red Seal Exam. Once you pass, you will receive your Journeyperson Card!

We have grown over 20 Apprentices into a Journeyperson role at Dynamo.

Co-Op Programs

For both our Electrical Engineering and Technical Services Departments, we have teamed up with local schools and their co-op programs. The hiring for these positions is done through the school’s hiring process.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Electrical Engineering Technology Program

  • Fall, Winter, and Summer Opportunities

University of Saskatchewan - Electrical Engineering Program

  • 4-month Summer Opportunity

Summer Student Positions

In addition to our Co-op Programs, we also have various opportunities to help us in the summer months as well:

  • Human Resources
  • Office Administration
  • Finance
  • Electrical Engineering

Application Process

While the process may vary based on different roles, here are some of the ways we assess our candidates in the hiring process:

Preliminary Telephone Interviews

This is typically our first step with you as a candidate. We will have a short 15–20-minute phone call to discuss your past work and schooling experience, some key skills and job requirements before taking some time to answer any questions you may have.

If you have not heard from us within two weeks of your interview, it is safe to assume we have moved on with another candidate.

Formal Interviews

Formal Interviews consist of sitting down with Human Resources and the Hiring Manager and going a little more in-depth about your experience. This interview is often at least an hour long and will be a combination of experience, skill, and behavioural style questions.

We will contact you regardless of how this interview goes.

Skill Assessments

To better understand the skills you bring to the table, we often do skills assessments. This varies based on the role for which you have applied. Some skill assessment examples include: formatting documents, and reading electrical drawings.

Prevue Assessments

This 35-minute assessment helps us get to see the full picture of you. We use Prevue’s reliable scientific model to ensure that your traits, interests, and skills complement the role for which you have applied.

Reference Checks

Our last step before an offer is checking a candidate’s references. We ask that your references adhere to the following criteria:

  • at least one of a supervisor
  • at least one of a working relationship
  • and three total.

Decision and Offer

Once we have come to a decision, we will put an offer together, give you a call, and give you some time to review it. If you have any questions about your offer, always ask!

A potential employee using a laptop computer to submit a job application online.