We value positive, dependable, and collaborative co-workers who make our company a better place.  You are enjoyable to be around and others enjoy having you on their team.


Do the right thing:

We value those who act for the greater good of the team, our clients, the company, and the community.  You are honest and act with integrity in all interactions.


Own it:

We value workers who care for our clients’ projects, concerns, facilities, and company resources as if they were their own.  You are thoughtful, conscientious, and take responsibility for your actions.



We value the ability to evolve, adapt, and leave everything better than it was found. You strive for excellence and do not consider a project a success until the quality of work delivered is something of which we can all be proud.



We value Safety as an integral part of all we do.  You actively take responsibility for the health and safety of yourself and others.



We value a diverse workplace with a variety of skills, qualifications, and cultures. You promote and embrace new perspectives and believe diversity makes us stronger.



Group photo of the Dynamo employee's road hockey team. All are wearing hockey gloves, holding sticks and wearing Dynamo hockey jerseys.

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