Custom-built stairs at the Dynamo front lobby in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The risers are designed to look like electrical insulators.

Our Mission


Provide value for all stakeholders. 


  • Focus on sustainable markets and build solid business relationships in them.


  • Attract, retain, and develop the industry's top performers. This is much more than simply having the manpower to do the work.  It means investing in our people with training programs to allow them to be the best at what they do and to build a culture of excellence.


  • Do great work.  This means reliably executing work in scope, on time, on budget within quality and safety standards.  Execution is core to the creation of value for all of our stakeholders.


  • Continuously improve.  An industry leader looks beyond the measure of profitability to define successful performance. Each strategic priority has key performance indicators and only by monitoring and measuring our progress can we adjust to changing conditions.


  • Engage our workforce.  Engaging and training the next generation of leaders will introduce energy for growth and create ongoing succession planning and stability.

Our Vision


Be the solution provider of choice for our clients, the employer of choice for our people, and a respected leader in our industry.

boardroom table countertop at Dynamo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Table and couch surounded my green plants in the Dynamo waiting room

Our Values



We value positive, dependable, and collaborative co-workers who make our company a better place.  You are enjoyable to be around and others enjoy having you on their team.


Do the right thing:

We value those who act for the greater good of the team, our clients, the company, and the community.  You are honest and act with integrity in all interactions.


Own it:

We value workers who care for our clients’ projects, concerns, facilities, and company resources as if they were their own.  You are thoughtful, conscientious, and take responsibility for your actions.



We value the ability to evolve, adapt, and leave everything better than it was found. You strive for excellence and do not consider a project a success until the quality of work delivered is something of which we can all be proud.



We value Safety as an integral part of all we do.  You actively take responsibility for the health and safety of yourself and others.



We value a diverse workplace with a variety of skills, qualifications, and cultures. You promote and embrace new perspectives and believe diversity makes us stronger.