We facilitate the delivery of energy for our clients safely and reliably, by prioritizing our environmental and social responsibilities.

How well we perform as a steward of the environment, as a safe service provider to society's electrical infrastructure, as a diverse employer, and as a contributor to our community is integral to the success of our business and our ability to create long-term value for our stakeholders.

Electrical insulators with wind turbines in the background. This was one of Dynamo's past projects. The location is a wind farm with a beautiful skyline.

Environmental Responsibility


Climate change is a global issue and we all have a role to play.


Our strategy is to support the transition to a lower-carbon energy infrastructure while endeavouring to reduce our own energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We will use our electrical expertise in renewable energy projects and work with the government, industry, and communities to create new solutions for today's climate challenges.


Social Responsibility


Dynamo is committed to building sustainable relationships with Indigenous peoples and the local communities where we work. 


As members of a greater community, we hold a responsibility to promote inclusion, not exclusion. We build positive relationships, not just construction projects. Through mutual respect and cooperation, we achieve common goals that benefit all stakeholders affected by our work.

  Four workers of different sex and race in a manufacturing warehouse. The employees are all wearing personal protective equipment.