Past Mining Sector Project Examples

Dynamo was retained by HudBay Minerals to refurbish one (1) 30 MVA, 115–25 kV power transformer. Work included the removal of all mineral oil and re-gasketing of all flanged connection points including: all HV and LV bushings, temperature thermal wells, cooling radiators, inspection covers, and oil piping. 

Dynamo was awarded the opportunity to supply a 20’ sea container E-House to HudBay Minerals in Snow Lake, Manitoba.

Dynamo completed the installation and commissioning of the Brine Pond Expansion Pump House electrical system.  The scope consisted of the installation and commissioning of 25 kV and 5 kV cables, a 25–5 kV oil-filled transformer, 5 kV switchgear and associated pumps,
600 V cabling, switchgear and associated 600 V loads, as well as 208 V distribution, cable terminations, and cable testing.